Campus Collaborations in Digital Humanities (Talk Session)

Faculty have been using technology in humanities teaching and scholarship long before the “digital humanities” became ubiquitous. However, at many universities, faculty and staff work on digital humanities projects in silos. People in these silos have ideas, expertise, and resources that would benefit faculty, staff, and students campus-wide. Inspired by the report Sustaining the Digital Humanities Host Institution Support Beyond the Start-up Phase (from Ithaka S+R), I’d like to discuss ways to bring these silos together and/or give individuals at institutions without digital humanities centers ideas for collaborating with others on their campuses.

Bring your questions and share your experiences related to campus collaborations in digital humanities. Here are a few questions to get us started:

  • In which units on your campus are faculty and staff building digital humanities projects, or, more broadly, incorporating technology into teaching and research?
  • Lacking a formal digital humanities center, how can an institution support digital humanities projects?
  • What are the opportunities for collaborating with community groups outside the institution?
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About Heather Martin

I'm Reference Librarian for Arts and Humanities at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the jill-of-all-trades for people and info related to English, music, philosophy, theatre, communication studies, foreign languages, and art at UAB. I also coordinate scholarly communication education at Mervyn H. Sterne Library. I'm interested in using digital tools to develop student communities around research skills in the humanities. Current likes are knitting, green smoothies, and "Supernatural."