Cards Against Digital Humanities update

Submissions for Cards Against Digital Humanities are coming in! While I don’t think we’ll have enough suggestions to play this weekend, I’m hopeful we’ll collect enough to have a deck ready for our friends at THATCamp Games.

Here’s a preview of some of the ideas submitted to date:

Black card: Blank is not dead. White cards: Wikipedia; lab grown beef; the syllabus

Black card: I prefer to spend my office hours blank. White cards: trolling ProfHacker; sniffing white board markers; egosurfing

Black card: Humanities instructors do blank better. White cards: Stanley Fish; holding in a fart while lecturing; hacked nudes

Please continue to share your suggestions, and, if you’re not sure what this is all about, you’ll find an explanation in this previous post.

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A librarian, teacher, and technology enthusiast, I'm the new Academic Technologies Instruction Librarian at The University of Alabama Libraries. I'm proud to claim membership on the organizing committee for the first THATCamp Alabama, and I'm particularly interested in accessibility and the digital humanities and the unconference model for professional development.