Scott Brande


Educator.Innovator.Discoverer - The Earth is My Laboratory Educator: I must be passionate (or crazy, or both!) enough about education and public service to continue teaching into my 35th year at UAB. And I so hated the technology barriers I encountered between online video and my classroom that my partner Kursat Arslan and I created EZSnips, our online video snipping technology. We're helping teachers to exploit the power of online video and engage students so they're ready to learn and learn more. Innovator and Entrepreneur: CEO and co-founder EZSnips LLC (Alabama) - online video snipper without video editing ----Member and Finalist in Alabama Launchpad competition, class of 2011-12 Discoverer: discovered fossil fish new to science - Sterropterygion brandei; described by Dr. Keith Thomson, Yale Peabody Museum (#6721):

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